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How to Know WA (WhatsApp) Without the Safest Application 2022


Fed up with the contents of your partner's chat? Want to know what he's doing in his WhatsApp messages? If so, you can read the article How to Hack WA that I wrote, guys.

Every technology system has its strengths and weaknesses. Although the application already uses the best security.

Just like the WhatsApp application which has a lot of complete features.

To make it easier for users, WhatsApp provides features that you can use using a laptop.

But who would have thought that you could use this feature to tap your partner without being caught, guys.

Even if you've managed to get in, you can also do this way of tapping wa without being caught remotely.

So, you want to know what is the easiest and most effective way to tap wa? follow the steps that I love below.

Some WhatsApp users, may already know the name WhatsApp Web.

This is a feature that was deliberately created by the developer so that it is easier to use WA anywhere.

Usually whatsapp web is used on a laptop or PC. But actually it can also be used on each cell phone, guys.

This is because if you want to open WhatsApp web, you have to use a web browser.

So the wa tapping method that I'm discussing can be done from Android, Iphone, and PC, guys. Anyway, wherever you are, the important thing is that you have to use a web browser.

To do this, make sure you have access to two smartphones. The first smartphone is used to tap while the second is to be targeted.

Instead of being curious, follow the steps on how to tap wa pairs step by step below.

Use Internet Connection

Because basically WhatsApp is a social network, so what you need first is an internet connection.

Without a connection, this wa tapping method can't be done at all. Because later we will use the barcode scanning process.

Use a Web Browser

To open WhatsApp Web, you have to prepare an application, guys. But don't worry, you don't need to install the application, because almost every device already has a built-in web browser application.

One of them is Google Chrome which is usually installed automatically on all Android smartphone devices.

Okay, go on, guys, open the browser on your cellphone, then in the url column enter the address then press enter.

Here you can see there is a barcode code, which we will later use for cloning your partner's WhatsApp.

Enable the “Keep Me Signed In” Option

If you have entered the WhatsApp web home page and there is already a barcode display, you can continue with the steps for activating Keep Me Signed In.

It's easy, guys, all you have to do is put a check mark on this menu. It's located at the bottom of the barcode.

Actually, without activating it, later you can also enter your partner's chat, guys, but why does it have to be activated?

This is done so that when you close the browser application, the WhatsApp account is not logged out automatically either.

Even if the user opens a new tab or restarts his smartphone, the tapping process can still be continued by activating this option.

Access Target Phone

All the preparation processes have been carried out, now is the time to access your partner's cellphone, guys.

Also make sure that when you use it, don't make your partner suspicious. So use a reasonable excuse to borrow his HP.

Now if it's successful, open the WhatsApp partner application, at the top click the three-dot icon. Then select whatsapp web.

Use WhatsApp Web

Okay, let's continue guys, at this step the cellphone camera will open immediately. Now, you use this camera to scan the QR code that you prepared earlier.

Make sure the scan is working properly, guys, your sign is successful, the camera will automatically exit immediately.

WA wiretapping access

After scanning the barcode is complete, you can directly access your partner's WhatsApp via WhatsApp Web.

If you've reached this stage, you can say that Ulo has managed to bug your partner without being caught, guys.

You can see all the contents of whatsapp chat, see wa status, reply to chat, delete chat, basically there are many things you can do here.

The chat display is also not much different, guys, for sure you will understand what features and tools are in it. 

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